Campus + Sustainability

Lowell is located on 8 acres in Northwest Washington, DC, just off upper 16th Street near Rock Creek Park. Our tree-filled campus and proximity to the District's many resources make it an ideal educational setting for children of all ages, with ample space to play, splash, slide, run, draw, observe, and discover.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Lowell students, staff, and parents work collaboratively to build awareness about environmental sustainability and to take responsibility for reducing our collective ecological footprint. In our curriculum and across all aspects of school operations, we continually strive to integrate the values and knowledge necessary to help develop the next generation of sustainability leaders—our children. We recognize that living sustainably is an ongoing process, in which we all must:
  • Critically analyze the impact of our decisions
  • Reduce waste through decreased consumption and increased composting and recycling
  • Use resources wisely—materials, supplies, construction, and energy
  • Reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of and exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Design and create more sustainable school grounds and buildings
  • Support classroom learning with informal education opportunities
  • Offer sustainably produced and healthier food choices whenever possible

Our Campus

Lowell’s beautiful campus is a picturesque and peaceful home for all members of our community. At the same time, its natural setting provides abundant opportunities for outdoor learning, hands-on experimentation, and observation of wildlife and plant life. Students can investigate the life cycle of tadpoles in the stream that runs through our front yard. They can track the many species of birds that also call our campus home. In addition, students have an ideal setting for exploring leading-edge gardening techniques.

Indoors, our facilities offer advanced resources and spaces that enable students to immerse themselves in many areas of study and a wide range of interests and activities. These include two makerspaces, an engineering fabrication lab, three science labs, three libraries, a spacious dance studio, a state-of-the-art black box theater, three art studios, two woodshops, a gym, a heated indoor pool, a garden, and a green roof.