STEM at Lowell

It is from these principles—involve, invent, investigate, and iterate—that we seize opportunities to advance the spirit of innovation in all of our STEMgineers. From the exploration of levers and pulleys in Pre-Primary School to robotics challenges in 8th grade, students have opportunities at every level to apply their skills and understanding in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
Lowell’s STEM integration is defined by an exceptional teaching staff, a rigorous program, and an innovative vision that prepares students for our interconnected and global world. The commitment to this integration naturally coincides with our progressive approach towards education. From Pre-Primary School through 8th grade, you will find STEM integration at all levels. Students engage in inquiry or problem-based units that successfully build a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the experimental design process. Developing skills to communicate, question, research, analyze, and review helps our students prepare for their future.
Lowell has many spaces that supports our robust STEM program.
  • two technology labs
  • three art workshops
  • three science labs
  • a maker space
  • an engineering fabrication lab


Lowell’s annual STEMFest hums with energy. Students, teachers, and parents present projects expo-style, and there are interactive stations for all ages. Want to learn to build a better catapult? Make a keyboard out of a banana, using a USB cable, jumper wires, and some alligator clips? Or make your own screen saver? You can at STEMFest!

1640 Kalmia Road NW
Washington, DC  20012