Middle School

Welcome to Lowell’s Middle School.



iddle school students are greatly concerned with the changes they are experiencing, their relationships with peers and adults, and the opportunities that await them in the world. The essential themes chosen for the integrated curriculum—Diversity (6th), Identity (7th), and Community (8th)—give students the opportunity to dive deeply into important questions while also developing the skills and content-area knowledge crucial for success in the next chapter of their education.

Teachers ensure that each student is challenged appropriately in all disciplines. In math and Spanish, there is an additional level of differentiation: students are placed in groupings based on their skills and experiences.

You can read more about the curriculum in the pages that follow and by downloading the Middle School Curriculum Guide.

Unique features of the program:

• Small class size
Guidance Coaching Program
• Skill- and experience-based groupings in Math and Spanish
• The Profile of Passion (POP)
• Authentic, audience-based projects
• Group projects and team teaching in a flexible and respectful space
• Special emphasis on group processing skills, communication, conflict resolution, and debate
• Health and wellness lessons integrated in various classes
• Educational experiences outside the classroom that focus on personal challenge, cultural understanding, and service